Ross  Married on 08/28/2014

Annemarie was recommended to us by Willows Lodge in Woodinville.....thank God! She was simply awesome! Annemarie made a valiant effort to get to know my wife and I AND our families, including them in her message. She was dependable, affordable and very entertaining as well. All of our friends and family just loved her. Do yourself a favor and get in contact with her to do your wedding! She is fantastic!

Sent on 09/09/2014


Judy  Married on 08/10/2014

The first meeting my fiancé and I had with Annemarie, we knew she was the one for us. We hit it off right away. It felt like she understood exactly what we wanted for our ceremony: personalized, not too religious, entertaining, and truly "us". It also felt like she really understood who we were as individuals and as a couple. She was able to offer amazing insight and guidance throughout our planning process that started by recommending other vendors to us that would meet our needs. Through Annemarie, we found our wonderful florist and photographer, and couldn't have asked for a better team the day of.
On the day of the wedding, Annemarie made sure everyone knew what they were doing and where they should be at all times prior to the ceremony and during the ceremony. I never imagined going through my wedding day with my only concern being that I don't trip down the aisle, but Annemarie made sure that that would be my only concern all day! I didn't have to worry about anything else, which allowed me to focus on having a wonderful day. Her ceremony was perfect from entrance to exit. It couldn't have expressed or explained the relationship my fiancé and I have any better. She has this amazing presence that draws the audience to her, and this incredible sense of humor that will have all your guests giggling and smiling at all the right times. By the time we made it through our vows and the ring exchange, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. She also found a way to incorporate our dogs into the ceremony! If you truly want a personalized, heartfelt ceremony from a wonderful lady that takes the time to get to know you and your fiancé as a couple, and also as individuals, you can't go wrong with Annemarie.

Sent on 09/10/2014


Rebecca  Married on 08/01/2014

Annemarie was an amazing officiant! From our initial meeting with Annemarie we knew she was a great fit for us as a couple. Annemarie is a warm, confident, bubbly and passionate officiant, who truly believes in the celebration of couples and the journey they are about to embark on. To start, Annemarie had both my fiancé and me fill out an individual and a couples questionnaire. At first I thought this was a bit daunting, but it was a great experience to look more deeply into our relationship. From this Annemarie wrote a beautiful ceremony that was truly unique and inspiring. From my (brides) perspective these are the top three things I loved about Annemarie; 1) Annemarie presented herself in a professional manner and spoke with conviction and care when officiating our wedding, 2) Annemarie took extra time and really listened to what we wanted for our wedding 3) Annemarie is the ultimate cheerleader for love – she made the day joyous for both my husband and me. Lastly, it was so lovely to have many of our guests comment on what a wonderful ceremony we had and how personal and thoughtful it was. Thanks Annemarie!

Sent on 08/24/2014


Dayna  Married on 07/26/2014

Annemarie was such a joy to work with, and I don't think I have enough words to express how great our ceremony was because of her! Not only is she professional and really knows her stuff, but she's sweet, caring, and has a wonderful energy about her. Our 15 month old daughter (she was 9 months old when we met Annemarie), liked her right away and Annemarie was so gentile and sweet with her. That's when we immediately knew that she would be officiating our wedding!
She worked very closely with me during the planning phase of our wedding, and answered all questions that I had and even offered additional suggestions and ideas that I hadn't thought about! My husband and I went into this with no stress or worry, because we knew that it would be "all good, and at the end of the day we would be so very married" as Annemarie would say. I am so thankful to know Annemarie and so thankful that we got to share our special day with her!

Sent on 09/10/2014


User1752617  2+ years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Annemarie! She is amazing at what she does. She puts a lot of time in effort into her work and it shows. Our ceremony was everything we wanted. She made our ceremony sound like she had know us for years and it was beautiful and intimate. I will recommend Annemarie to everyone who asks!

Sent on 08/06/2014


Amisha  Married on 07/05/2014

Annemarie Juhlian is the right choice for any couples looking for,
- An officiant who is supportive prior, during and post wedding ceremony. - An officiant with a calming and charismatic personality, that makes will make your wedding day a heartfelt celebration of joy. - An officiant with the knowledge and skill to ensure that you get the best service. - An Officiant that is sensitive in understanding your personalities and your values, your dreams and your hopes and that can tailor a service that is unique and personal to you.

Sent on 06/16/2014


User1692033  2+ years ago

Annemarie officiated at our destination wedding, 6/26/2014 at Salish Lodge. She was amazing from start to finish and we couldn't have asked for a better or more meaningful ceremony. She worked with us before the ceremony to understand what we wanted to bring out in the wedding, how we wanted to feel and how we wanted our guests to feel. She crafted a heartfelt uplifting ceremony and set of vows that formed the perfect first moments of our married life. She was just great - sincere and energetic and there is no mistaking that she loves what she does. She was also very communicative, no guessing about what's next or when its needed (marriage licenses etc) Her website is very helpful for ideas, particularly for out of towners like us. We loved having her as a part of our wedding day and recommend her 110%!

Sent on 07/02/2014


Lauren  Married on 06/21/2014

First off, what a wonderful human being. This lady lights up a room! She demands your attention (in the best way possible) and has such a PRESENCE about her. We knew right away that we wanted someone non-denominational (to fit with out religious views) and we knew we didn't want to say our own vows. We also didn't want a cookie cutter ceremony - we wanted someone who would KNOW the two of us and who would be able to convey who we are and what we love about each other to our audience. Annemarie had us fill out questionnaires (both separate and together as a couple) and used that information to create a unique, beautiful, heart felt ceremony. So many happy tears! After the ceremony, more than half the guests asked how we found Annemarie and told us what a fantastic job she did creating a touching, personal, unique ceremony. They hadn't been to any wedding ceremony like it! It was exactly what we wanted 🙂 We love her and would recommend her whole-heartedly . She is worth EVERY penny.

Sent on 06/26/2014


Ladonna  Married on 05/25/2014

My husand and I fell in love with Annemarie as soon as we met her. She has the most beautiful aura about herself that you instantly fall in love with. We were excited about our big day but excited about the "homework" that was in store for us provided by Annemarie. Who gets excited about homework? This goes to show you how special Annemarie is. The rehearsal could not have went well at all without Annemarie's professionalism and unique style of being the best in the business. I appreciate her for not only being a great Officiant but being a special friend during our wedding planning.

Sent on 07/18/2014


Kim  Married on 05/10/2014

If you are looking for a warm caring consummate professional for your wedding ceremony Annemarie Juhlian is it. Dan and I met Annemarie for the 1st time about 4 months before our ceremony; it was a short 30 minute meeting that gave both us and Annemarie a chance to overview our expectations and check out each other’s personalities. As my then finance and I walked out of the meeting we both looked at each other and said “she’s perfect!” Over the next couple of months Annemarie was in contact with us giving us homework and gathering information and the end result was exactly the same as Annemarie in a word PERFECT!.
Shortly after the ceremony and in the days following both friends and family alike commented on how personal our ceremony was and just how wonderful our officiant was. Annemarie wrote and delivered a very personal, warm and inviting ceremony and as we sit and reflect on the day we feel so blessed to have had Annemarie as a part of our wedding day.

Sent on 06/30/2014


Sara  Married on 04/11/2014

I can honestly say that our wedding was seamless, spectacular, and memorable all thanks to Annemarie!!! She came to our rehearsal and took charge in the most gracefull way. She made sure everyone understood the flow and fixed any issues in the moment. She was understanding of our special requests and worked to create the most meaningful ceremony I've ever seen. She went above and beyond to make our day the most special day. I know I'm a bit biased about my own wedding but everyone that attended had so many wonderful things to say about our ceremony and specifically Annemarie. A handful of guests requested her information for themselves or people they know getting married soon. I'd reccommend her to anyone, she will exceeds all expectations!

Sent onSent on 07/11/2014


Rosanna  Married on 02/22/2014

Annemarie officiated our elopement and we couldn't have been more pleased. Not only did she make our small ceremony fun she made sure it was personal and memorable. She was incredibly easy to work with and made us feel comfortable and at ease. She even took amazing photos of us following the ceremony. We have only great things to say about our experience and we highly recommend Annemarie! She will make your day extra special!

Sent on 04/18/2016


Caroline  Married on 02/15/2014

Truly wonderful! We love Annemarie. She was our wonderful and lovely Officiant. And she was, as she first shared with us during our first meeting, "our ceremony air traffic controller." We couldn't have asked for a better ceremony experience. Annemarie took over our rehearsal and brought calm and peace to our day. She arrived early on our wedding day and we loved knowing everything would be okay for our ceremony - "Annemarie had arrived!" And everything was more than okay. Our ceremony started on time (a big deal to us) and everything was beautiful. She brought love and humor to our ceremony and as we look back, we are very happy and we are very proud. If you are seeking an amazing officiant, you must call or email Annemarie. We would give her hundreds of stars if we could!

Sent on 03/13/2014


Eddie  Married on 12/21/2013

Annemarie is simply the best out there. She brought the joy and comfort to our wedding that any couple would want. A truly wonderful woman. Thank you Annemarie!

Sent on 02/10/2014


Brenda  Married on 11/30/2013

My wife and I knew we wanted to come to the Seattle area from Chicago to have a small elopement-style ceremony with our Aunt and Uncle and their 2 dogs as our guests and witnesses. We came across Annemarie's website and just had a feeling she was the officiant for us- we were right! From the beginning, she always responded to emails and calls within the hour (if not sooner). She recommended the perfect location (Willows Lodge in Woodinville), and was helpful throughout our planning with all of our questions.
She asked us to fill out a questionnaire to get to know us as a couple, and from that, wrote a beautiful ceremony that we truly ended up loving. She showed up on the day of our ceremony exactly when she promised she would, and immediately made us comfortable and at ease. Annemarie helped make our day perfect and we can't thank her enough.

Sent on 12/02/2013


Christina  Married on 11/30/2013

Annemarie is absolutely INCREDIBLE! She helped us craft the ceremonies that we'd always dreamt of -- personalized, uniquely "us", warm, and touching. Our guests raved about her, and my bridesmaid said that it sounds like she's known us for years. She officiated two ceremonies for us (American and Korean), and we are so glad that we chose her as our officiant. Annemarie is dedicated, flawlessly organized, creative, and incredibly gifted. She has a knack for running things smoothly, while making everyone around her feel comfortable and happy. Words can't do justice to how amazing she is!
Throughout the planning process, Annemarie couldn't have been more supportive and helpful. She always responded to emails the same day with a thoughtful reply, and she had so many creative ideas that we loved! I love to read and write, so words are really important and meaningful to me. Annemarie's first draft was incredible and customized to us as a couple, and I got tears in my eyes when I read it. It was beautiful, personal, and exactly captured the warm, festive, touching feel that we'd envisioned. My husband and I had an elaborate Korean ceremony in addition to the American one. Annemarie was so enthusiastic about the Korean ceremony and helpful with every detail! She made everyone feel calm and confident, and when we forgot what to do, she guided us with verbal cues. Our guests loved the Korean ceremony, which was full of color and interesting props, and it was deeply meaningful to us to be able to honor our parents and incorporate our cultural backgrounds. We are thankful beyond words for the beautiful memory that Annemarie helped us create. In a nutshell, we recommend Annemarie to everyone. She will help to craft a personal ceremony that reflects each couple, and she is a true delight and joy to work with!

Sent on 12/26/2013


Sasha  Married on 11/14/2013

My wife and I decided on a destination wedding in Seattle. We had a small group(13+3 babies not including us) that made the trip. We wanted our ceremony to be perfect not only for us, but for our loved ones who flew all the way to Seattle to see us get married. The decision to get married in Seattle made everything a little bit more difficult on us because we live in Michigan. It is very hard to make decisions when you are unable to see anything beforehand except in photos. Annemarie made one of the hardest parts(the ceremony) the easiest. She had us fill out a detailed worksheet that helped her get an idea of what we were about as a couple. She spoke with a few of our closest friends to get more insight. She had the entire ceremony written out well in advance of the actual ceremony for us to review and discuss. Annemarie made it so easy for us, and the vows were so personalized. We were also able to add or subtract anything. We didn't meet her until the day of the ceremony - but she was very warm, and got right into action making sure everything was in order. She is a beautiful speaker - not to mention statuesque, so she adds a real touch of elegance to your wedding with her presence. All of our family that went couldn't say enough about what a beautiful ceremony it was.


Sent on 12/01/2013


Jane  Married on 11/07/2013

We are so very glad we chose Annemarie Juhlian to spend our most special day with. Since we had to travel from Austin Texas for our ceremony and would only be in Seattle one night, she picked up our paperwork at the Clerks office and had everything ready to go! Annemarie was personable and personalized our vows to reflect our eighteen year relationship. In addition, she served as photographer and lighting expert! This day will be a cherished memory thanks to Annemarie.

Sent on 11/20/2013


Corrinne  Married on 11/02/2013

Where do I even start?? When I asked for suggestions for officiants I was given Annemarie's name with the comment "if she's available, take her!" Lucky for us, she was and we did! We could not have been more pleased. Annemarie was personal, friendly, and professional. She created a ceremony that was intimate and personal yet kept the attention of our 170 guests (who all raved about her). The day of our wedding the weather was crazy - record setting winds! Annemarie took an early ferry from her home to ensure her timely arrival for our evening ceremony. I was blown (pun intended) away with her commitment to our ceremony. Thank you Annemarie for everything! As a bride it's so nice to have such a major component of ones wedding handled without any type of stress.
For all you future brides out there I give you the wise words of advice I was given when looking for an officiant: if she's available, take her!

Sent on 12/02/2013


Ian  Married on 10/19/2013

We were referred to Annemarie by our wedding planner Lisa. To be honest our officiant wasn't at the top of our list of wedding priorities but we agreed to meet with her. I don't think I have misjudged the importance of a situation until meeting Annemarie. She has an inspired, incredible soul and we instantly fell in love with her and couldn't imagine anyone else conducting our ceremony. Annemarie made us feel like the only people in our 150+ attended ceremony and truly wowed our audience. The way she can talk to crowds is enchanting and the ceremony she delivered was inspired. She's also a kindred soul with dogs and put our golden retriever at ease. Having Annemarie officiate your ceremony will elevate it to a level I hadn't considered prior to mine. She has made two lifelong friends and we are so grateful she was the one to marry us. Annemarie is exactly what a wonderful wedding needs to put it into a phenomenal experience. Thank you Annemarie!

Sent on 01/02/2014


Nel A.  Married on 10/06/2013

My partner and I cannot express how grateful we were that we selected Annemarie for our officiant. She easily worked with us from a distance of 300 miles to create a glorious service. Friends who attended the ceremony could not believe that we had not even met or talked on the phone; it was as if she had known us for years. We echo all the other reviews about her professionalism, warmth, flexibility, organization, and casual elegance.

Sent on 10/17/2013


Leanne  Married on 10/06/2013

My wife and I are so pleased & grateful we were lead to Annemarie for our officiant. We live in Alaska & had less than a month to plan our wedding but she worked easily with us. We did our homework (the questionnaire) and she created a lovely & very personalized ceremony. We agree with all the other positive reviews about her - she's the best.

Sent on 12/07/2013


Lauren  Married on 09/28/2013

couldn't imagine a better officiant than Annemarie!

Annemarie was one of the most integral parts of making our small ceremony so special. We debated having a Justice of the Peace ceremony but fortunately found Annemarie and it was the best decision to go with her! She made the process and ceremony easy, personal, and extra special. Annemarie made it feel as though she knew us forever. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a heartfelt, special, personalized ceremony! She was WONDERFUL!!!

Sent on 07/23/2022


Jen  Married on 09/15/2013

Annemarie was amazing, simply put. She helped us to create a perfect ceremony. We received numerous awesome compliments on our ceremony. She truly was one-of-a-kind and I will forever cherish what she did for us. If you want a unique ceremony tailored for you and your significant other, she is the woman for you!

Sent on 09/27/2013


Brian  Married on 09/01/2013

I must say we had a perfect wedding! It happened our first major wedding decision was to work with Annemarie and we both remember the day we met. Annemarie’s charisma, energy and beautiful smile beamed the moment she stepped out of her car. She asked questions like, “How do you want to feel on your wedding day?” “How do you want your guests to feel on your wedding day?” I could almost say the decision to work with Annemarie was made before that first hug! We are SO thankful the date worked out!
We completed questionnaires individually and as a couple which Annemarie used to create the perfect ceremony to celebrate our love story that began 26 years ago. The entire process was inclusive and allowed us time to provide feedback and make minor revisions – in was so nice to feel connected in this way to the amazing gift Annemarie has creating something truly unique, touching and memorable. Our ceremony expressed exactly how we felt about each other, our love for each other and the love we have for our family and friends. Her support during planning, the rehearsal and on our wedding day was more than we ever imagined. We knew we were in good hands and looking back, it was relaxing and pleasant. We heard from others how their wedding ceremony was a blur. Thanks to Annemarie, we remember every wonderful moment! So many of our guests raved about Annemarie and how beautiful our ceremony was. Everyone felt special and that they were part of something wonderful. We can’t thank Annemarie enough!!

Sent on 09/30/2013


Rhiana  Married on 08/31/2013

When we began looking for a wedding officiant, we knew it would have to be someone very special because we have an ordained minister in my wife's family...to not choose my future sister-in-law meant we had to find someone that was just perfect for us both. Annemarie Juhlian is that person.
We didn’t know what a Celebrant was, but I can tell you now that it is a title one earns when she brings all of herself to the role of not just officiating your wedding, but guiding you & your beloved to deeply look at why you are choosing to marry. Annemarie has crafted very inquisitive & insightful questions that she asks of you in preparation for writing your unique ceremony. She took the time to get to know us & what we wanted for our day. Annemarie made us feel protected, supported & guided through each step. My wife & I would read the drafts, make edits, send it back & forth until we all came to the place where the ceremony felt fine-tuned. She walked us through rehearsal with strong direction, reminding me along the way that she had it all under control. What a GIFT that was to receive. I am a little controlling as I am VERY detail oriented, but was able to let go because I trusted her completely. She created and orchestrated our wedding with grace & love...it was absolutely perfect. Annemarie is a consummate professional when it comes to creating a sense of sacred space, engaging in a heartfelt yet lively manner with the audience, and most importantly, in helping to ground the nervous brides. As as we stood together with her as our guide, ready to make the biggest commitment of our lives, we both felt relaxed and calm, and were able to be fully present for every moment & word spoken in our ritual. The part Annemarie played in the start of our marriage will never be forgotten. We feel forever grateful to her. We cannot say enough good things about her to those of you seeking someone for this role, but we can simply say, she’s the one. She is the BEST.

Sent on 09/23/2013


Jerry   Married on 08/24/2013

Awesome Officiant (and person)! Made our day memorable and carefree. Highly recommended!

Sent on 10/02/2013


Lynn  Married on 08/24/2013

I LOVE ANNEMARIE! I love everything about her! She took time to get to know us as a couple, she personalized our ceremony and I was crying the whole time. She made everyone there understand our love and relationship. People know you get married because you love each other, but she personalized our ceremony where everyone GET US. She adopted to last-minute unfortunate changes (family member not being about to make it) very well. She is full of energy and excitement. A LOT of people at the ceremony came up to us and mentioned how great Annemarie was.
Annemarie is in control and very detailed. She's well organized and professional. It's a stressful time so you want the less amount of stress. Annemarie also helped coordinate all of us during the rehearsal (which was badly needed) and also on the wedding day. I would 100% recommend her! NO ONE ELSE COMPARES! I PROMISE YOU! We got married later in life and have been to tons of wedding and no one is like Annemarie.

Sent on 03/26/2014


Cassie   Married on 08/17/2013

Oh my I don't know where to start except by saying Annemarie was AMAZING! What a beautiful, personal and funny ceremony she wrote for us, so many of our guests loved it. It wasn't your normal dozing off to sleep ceremony; she kept our guests laughing, crying, smiling and even got them involved in our ceremony. Annemarie was just our speed and did an exceptional job. Thanks again Annemarie and we will see you next year at our friends wedding!

Sent on 11/01/2013


Karlee  Married on 08/10/2013

Annemarie is simply THE BEST. The hardest decision while planning our wedding was our officiant and once we found Annemarie we knew having her be a part of our day would truly make it perfect. She is everything and more! We love her personality, professionalism, giving heart; understanding of busy schedules, upbeat personality, and the list goes on and on! More importantly, Annemarie is someone who will be a part of our life forever—she is one of the most amazing individuals Jeremy and I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Our wedding day was perfection—our ceremony was exactly what we wanted and it is all thanks to Annemarie. She truly is the best there is and we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to have her be our officiant!

Sent on 10/01/2013