Christy  Married on 04/08/2012

Many people commented on what a fantastic job she
did and we couldn't agree more. Even my mom said she did a great job and she's very picky since she wanted her husband to do it for us. At the rehearsal she took the lead and kept it moving with good humor and patience. During the ceremony she made it easier for me to keep it together for a little while and then to keep it together enough to at least speak after I started crying. 🙂 She knows how to make everyone laugh at the right time and she knows how to make things happen at just the right times. She added just the right amount of gravity to the ceremony without making it too intense. We are so happy with everything she helped us with. She is always in great spirits and it made us feel confident that it was going to be perfect. And contrary to what everyone told us to expect out of our wedding, it was perfect. Thank you so much Annemarie!

Sent on 04/28/2012


Rachel  Married on 02/24/2012

Annemarie was a dream come true. She wrote and officiated such a personal, meaningful ceremony for us, that a number of the male guests at our wedding apparently went all weepy. She was energetic and steady enough that when it seemed like everything was falling apart just before the ceremony, we pulled though with flying colors. I could not recommend her more highly.

Sent on 03/13/2012


Nicole Married on 12/03/2011

Dear Annemarie, We feel so very lucky to have met you!! Thank you for taking the time to guide us and create a ceremony that was so personal and memorable. We have received so many compliments from our guest about how wonderful and unique our ceremony was! We couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you for giving us the ceremony we were dreaming of! It was perfect and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Nicole and Joel

Sent on 02/01/2012


Paige  Married on 11/11/2011

My husband and I attended a wedding that Annemarie officiated and immediately fell in love. She is incredibly charismatic and wrote a beautiful ceremony, celebrating the love story of the couple. That was exactly what WE wanted! We hired Annemarie to be our wedding celebrant - we wanted a non-religious ceremony that was completely tailored to US! She is extremely well organized and communicative. We did pre-marital coaching with Annemarie which definitely helped set us up for success. It also allowed her to get to know us, as a couple and as individuals. She gave us questionnaires via email and asked us to complete them individually and as a couple - she used this information to write us a PERFECT ceremony. She allowed us to customize/edit/revise everything she did until it was perfect. (It didn't take much!) She had wonderful, creative suggestions for different aspects of our ceremony. On the day of the rehearsal - Annemarie whipped our wedding party into shape. I greatly appreciated her no-nonsense, organized, approach. It took a lot of the pressure off of me! On the wedding day, she delivered a flawless ceremony - one that we'll always remember and cherish. Our guests raved about the ceremony - saying it was the best they'd heard...that it was all about US (which is very important, on your wedding!) We adore Annemarie beyond words and you would be SO LUCKY to have her officiate your wedding!

Sent on 11/25/2011


Maple  Married on 10/02/2011

Annemarie is absolutely wonderful! She's professional, thoughtful, and has such an amazingly warm personality. She was genuinely interested in learning about us as a couple, and it definitely showed in the ceremony that she wrote for us. When she sent the draft of our ceremony over, I actually had to stop reading it because it was making me cry while I was at work. On the day of our wedding, our guests were in tears, and afterwards, they told us that it was the best wedding ceremony they’ve ever attended. It was such a pleasure working with Annemarie, I would definitely recommend her!

Sent on 11/08/2011


Yanni  Married on 09/10/2011

Annemarie is awesome! She created a beautiful ceremony for us and really took the time to get to know us so she can personalized it just for us! We love her personality and I highly recommend her to anybody!

Sent on 09/13/2011


Jila  Married on 08/07/2011

Annemarie made our wedding ceremony truly personal. People told us they cried at our wedding -- and they never cry at weddings! Because I wanted to honor my Persian heritage, Annemarie suggested incorporating a honey ceremony in our wedding. My husband and I fed each other a taste of honey to sweeten our marriage. It was a unique and special touch. Because we love to travel and have adventures, Annemarie suggested making an adventure box. We made 25 envelopes with adventures in them. Every anniversary, we will select an adventure for the coming year. Our honeymoon was the first adventure we picked from the box!
Annemarie was a master orchestrator for us at our wedding. She made sure everyone was in the right place and the ceremony started on time! She coordinated with our vendors so everyone knew their cues and had appetizers waiting for us after the ceremony in our room. She is always on top of things and returns e-mails promptly. She also was very accommodating for us when our venue changed our rehearsal date at the last minute. We couldn't have had a more beautiful wedding! Annemarie crafted us an elegant, meaningful, and momentous ceremony that was a reflection of us as a couple.

Sent on 09/14/2011


Emily  Married on 07/23/2011

Annemarie was the perfect officiant for our intimate, personalized, and playful ceremony. She worked side by side with us to create the perfect vows, incorporated our families and guests into the ceremony, and even helped to fit in a Dr. Suess reading that meant a lot to us. She worked hard to make the ceremony completely about us and for us and it reflected us so much as a couple. Anyone looking for someone to officiate their ceremony that wants it to be personal and for it to be performed by someone they feel completely comfortable with- Annemarie is your officiant!

Sent on 07/28/2011


Jill  Married on 07/02/2011

Requesting Annemarie to be your wedding officiant will be the best decision you make in your wedding planning. I highly recommend that you stop your search and seek her out as your officiant! She is warm, friendly, funny, direct, accommodating, helpful, insightful, reflective, easy to work with, calming, well-spoken one-on-one and with crowds. We knew we had the best officiant because every one of vendors knew Annemarie and commented on how lucky we were to have her as our officiant. She touched our hearts tremendously and made our ceremony feel like a fairytale. I do not know what I would have done without her. I am not exaggerating when I say that every guest I spoke with commented on how beautiful and personal the ceremony was. I could write for a long time about how amazing she is but you should just see for yourself!

Sent on 08/15/2011


Jenna  Married on 05/29/2011

Annemarie was absoultely amazing, professional, and a pleasure to have at our wedding! Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony! We wanted something really special, untraditional, and non-religious, while still have it feel spiritial. She achieved just that with our custom ceremony. Every section was specially written for us, incorporating our loved ones and special memories. We really wanted to have an outdoor ceremony, so as the clouds rolled in, Annemarie made sure to get everything started on time and finished before we had any rain! All of the guests left saying it was the *most* beautiful ceremony they have ever seen! Most importantly, it was truly unique and something we will cherish for the rest of our lives. We are so lucky to have found her!!

Sent on 06/29/2011


Tristin  Married on 05/28/2011

Our Dream Ceremony~
As soon as Justin and I came across your website we knew you were the person to marry us. Then after I spoke with you on the phone it made me even more confident that we had found the perfect officiant to marry us! Our ceremony fit us perfectly; it was elegant, entertaining and beautiful! Everyone is still telling us how wonderful our ceremony was. Thank you so much Annemarie for making our special day PERFECT! Although, we never met in person until the day of rehearsal it was like we had known each other for a while! Annemarie gets right down to business and takes charge which is really helpful to get the rehearsal done quickly. Justin and I along with the 100+ guests we have would strongly recommend Annemarie to anyone who wants to have a beautiful unique ceremony that fits you and your husband to be ---PERFECTLY!

Sent on 06/27/2011


Kim Married on 04/23/2011

Paul and I were married in April of 2011. We decided that we wanted a more contemporary ceremony that would be more memorable and crafted more specifically to us as a couple and family. Annemarie crafted a beautiful ceremony with a mix of emotional serious moments and humor, that touched and included not only us but our families and guests as well. Annemarie is a truly gifted officiant, professional, and experienced. She has a true gift, and will tailor your ceremony to your weddings style, size and beliefs. I can’t recommend her with enough enthusiasm to do justice to the phenomenal job she did at our wedding.

Sent on 07/08/2011


Carynne  Married on 03/05/2011

We could not have been happier with our ceremony. Annemarie worked with us to make the day so special. She helped us to craft unique and heartfelt vows that really spoke to us. She was very organized and took charge or our rehearsal and wedding day in a way that enabled us to both relax and ejoy the day.

Sent on 06/28/2011


Kelly  Married on 12/17/2010

When I first started looking for an officiant I was so excited that wedding plans were finally being made but I had NO idea how to pick an officiant. Since my fiance (now husband) and I were not part of any affiliation where someone could marry us, the hunt was on and and online my search began.
I was immediately drawn to and excited about Annemarie because she was able to do a ceremony catered to our values, beliefs (religious or not), and love for one another. She e-mailed me back within minutes of me inquiring more information about her (and it was SO early in the morning!) and we met soon there after. My fiance and I walked away from our first meeting with Annemarie feeling more in love with one another, excited about our wedding, and confident that Annemarie was the one for us. From the moment we met her, to the day she married us, and the time that has followed Annemarie has been so caring, enthusiastic, full of joy and love and hope... there are not enough words for me to describe how impressed we were or how happy we were with the pre marital counseling and the wedding ceremony. Our guests raved about Annemarie during the reception and once we got home. Our guests loved how they got to learn more about my fiance and I, how personal the ceremony felt and how fun Annemarie was. We were told over and over again that our ceremony was THE BEST any of our guests had been to. The first day we met Annemarie she said, "Your guests may not remember the words you say during your ceremony but they will remember the way they felt during it." And she completely delivered! Our ceremony was romantic, personal, intimate, fun, and the best day of our life. I can't recommend Annemarie enough!

Sent on 03/03/2011


Mindy   Married on 10/09/2010

Annemarie was just what we were looking for in an officiant. She was fun to work with and helped us create a unique ceremony. Since we didn't have a wedding planner, she took on some of the day of duties herself to make sure everything went smoothly and on schedule.

Sent on 11/06/2010


Daniel  Married on 07/23/2010

I would highly recommend Annemarie to anyone! She is extremely professional, highly organized and genuinely warm. We searched for officiants online on various sites and her reviews were all wonderful, so we decided to meet with her. We did a lot of research beforehand and were already pretty sure she would meet our expectations but she was even better than advertised. She is the perfect person to have in your corner on the biggest day of your life to make sure everything falls into place perfectly. My wife and I both have a hard time letting other people take control of situations for us but we felt 100% comfortable letting Annemarie run our day and she completely delivered! Her process for designing an intimate and personal ceremony is extremely effective. She managed to cover everything we wanted within our ceremony and brought many amazing ideas of her own. She created the perfect ceremony and orchestrated masterfully. All of our family and friends walked away truly inspired and so many people mentioned that it was the most perfect wedding they had ever attended. She also made us feel comfortable and because of her presence we were able to relax and enjoy our beautiful ceremony. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know her and if we ever decide to perform a vow renewal we'll be calling on her again!! Thank you Annemarie for being so passionate about your craft and helping us through the best day of our lives!

Sent on 07/28/2010


Crystal  Married on 07/17/2010

We loved Annemarie from our very first visit! It was important for us to find the right fit in our Officiant, someone who we were comfortable with, didn't feel judged by, who appreciated our unconventional relationship and understood our spiritual side. We really wanted to include our daughters, friends and family in our make them feel like active participants and very comfortable. She more than accomplished this and brought joy, humor, spirit and light to our ceremony and we couldn't be happier. The ceremony she helped create was more perfect than I could have imagined! She was also there to answer any questions and kept me on task by reminders on important things that I would have forgotten in the craziness of wedding planning like marriage license, LOL!

Sent on 08/11/2010


Margot  Married on 05/30/2010

Annemarie did an amazing job. We were impressed from the get-go by her efficiency and her professionalism, in addition to her warm demeanor and caring attitude. My husband and I selected a non-denominational officiant because I am Jewish and he is Christian. Annemarie did an outstanding job weaving together both of our faiths. The ceremony was inclusive, warm, caring, humorous, and hopeful - exactly what we requested. In what was the ultimate confirmation that we made the right choice choosing Annemarie, there was a moment during the ceremony where I teared up and was unable to speak. Annemarie put a comforting hand on my shoulder, dropped her voice to match my volume, and finished the "repeat after me" part that way. It was noticed by all of the guests that she was a consummate professional, and I can't recommend her enough. It is obvious that she has done this for a long time, but her experience has honed her skills to the point where she puts people at ease and makes a stressful experience into something loving and memorable. Thanks, Annemarie, for the best day of my life! The wedding was three days ago, so these recollections are very fresh 🙂

Sent on 06/02/2010


Nicole  Married on 08/10/2012

We loved Annemarie! We met with her about a year before our wedding. She impressed us from the beginning. She asked great questions of us during our first meeting and set very clear expectations for her and us. About 4 months before the wedding, Annemarie sent us questionnaires for us to complete - one questionnaire we filled out individually and another together. From there, Annemarie put together our beautiful ceremony. She added the perfect level of sentiment, humor, and kindness that fit us.
On the day of the ceremony, Annemarie was right on time and we did a walk-through with her about an hour before the actual event. She made sure everyone knew what to do and when and we knew we were in good hands. Be prepared though... once Annemarie shows up, everything suddenly moves at lightening speed! She most definitely takes control of the ceremony which is exactly what we needed her to do. The ceremony itself was perfect. We read through it and were able to provide feedback well in advance but we had so few edits. As mentioned, she added a touch of humor, a touch of sentiment, and created a wonderful memory for us. One of the reasons we liked Annemarie so much is that she also built in a "take away" for us... something that was unique to us which we very much appreciated. During the ceremony, Annemarie really connected with us but also with our guests. At one point, she stepped out around us to address our parents (she couldn't see them directly because of the set up). We thought that was exactly the right touch at the right time. She ad-libbed the ceremony at a couple of points but in just the right way. Bottom line is that Annemarie is great! We have absolutely no regrets about selecting her as our officiant and recommend her without hesitation.

Sent on 05/08/2010


Kelli  Married on 04/24/2010

Annemarie made our wedding so special and personal. From the moment I met with her, I loved her. She is kind, excited about weddings and knows what she is doing!Throughout the whole process, she was extremly responsive and helpful. We started the process by doing homework by ourselves and as a couple. This helped Anne Marie write such a personal, intimate ceramony that we were able to approve months before the wedding. Our ceramony was beautiful and had quotes from my Mom, best friend and from each other. It was touching, funny and warm.
Annemarie led the rehearsal and was so efficent and on the ball. She handled everything that night and the day of the wedding. She arrived early to the wedding and made sure everyone knew what to do and was ready to go. She was PERFECT in the ceramony, she really made our wedding and set the tone for the day. I can't imagine going through the process without her. Everyone kept commenting on how intimate, warm and perfect the ceramony was because of her. She is truly the best-make sure to include her in your special day!

Sent on 05/17/2010


Joey  Married on 04/23/2010

Annemarie is unbelievable to work with. We had to postpone our initial wedding date due to immigration paperwork and Annemarie was so understanding and accomodating. She has an amazing way of personalizing everything and her smile can make anyones day. How could one not pick her? 🙂 She brought such a warth and ease to the day. As it was a small wedding Annemarie was excellent at getting everything coordinated leading up to the ceremony. She was very professional and approachable to work with. Annemarie feels like a friend and we feel very blessed that she was a big part of our day. Thankx again Annemarie - xoxo Chris & Joey Garland.

Sent on 05/06/2010


Ryan  Married on 04/15/2010

My bride and I decided that we wanted an somewhat unconventional wedding in our favorite spot in Seattle; outside and braving whatever weather we might be forced to labor. Annemarie was onboard from the very beginning! (Fortunately our day was beautiful and on the beach!)
She come up with many great ideas and fun things to consider that would make our day even more special than we ever anticipated. She was also very adept at being able to read the nature of what made my bride and i so close to eachother, and she ran with it during our ceremony, adding that "just right" personal touch. Most of all, Annemarie is FUN! She knows how to keep everything where it should be: a personal, exciting experience that is customized for the couple. I couldn't think of ever going a different route than the one we choose when she officiated our wedding. If you like the idea of having someone really personalize the wedding, and put a special touch on things, i would highly recommend Annemarie. She really is great at what she does!

Sent on 05/07/2010


Sarah  Married on 03/27/2010

Annemarie was the first vendor we hired as we embarked on our wedding planning adventure, and we are SO GLAD we found her! Her calm and professional demeanor, humor, smile, knowledge, and obvious commitment to her craft were present through every moment of the process. And our ceremony? EVERY guest we spoke to remarked how special, unique, warm, elegant, and fun it was. Our day would not have been as special without Annemarie in it. You can't find a better officiant!

Sent on 05/08/2010


Kelly  Married on 03/26/2010

We really couldn't have asked for a better officiant. Originally, we had wanted someone who knew us personally. When that didn't work out, we started our search for an officiant. Annemarie was the first person we met with, and also the last. Both me and my husband knew she was perfect for our wedding during our first meeting. The meeting was all about getting to know us as a couple and what we wanted to create the perfect ceremony. Annemarie listened to everything we had envisioned and offered suggestions that made our ceremony even more special. We ended up with a ceremony that was personal and touching with not many dry eyes in the room. Annemarie is well spoken and professional. I would highly recommend her services to any couple.

Sent on 06/14/2010


Carrie  Married on 03/21/2010

I had an idea about what I wanted for everything in my wedding and reception, but I really needed some direction with the ceremony. We knew we wanted it to be special, personal, fun, a memorable, but we didn't know where to go from there. I found Annemarie by a search online. I don't know what good karma I earned to have randomly found this amazing person, but I'm so glad! She was absolutely amazing. Everyone was talking about how beautiful and fun our ceremony was. She really helped us direct our feelings into words to be shared, and I still smile when I think of our ceremony and the things we were able to say. She also used her amazing organizing skills to get everyone together while I was just getting dressed and being a bride. I had a very small wedding, and there were still so many questions from my parents. She was so amazing and taking care of it all. I can not recommend her enough.

Sent on 05/06/2010


Robyn  Married on 03/06/2010

Annemarie Juhlian was the perfect officiant for our wedding day! She is very professional and knows the wedding timeline very well so we were well prepared for our wedding day with a custom ceremony prepared in advance of the big day.
Annemarie was wonderful at rehearsal making sure we stayed focused on preparing for the ceremony and making sure everyone was comfortable with their part in the ceremony. We received so many compliments after our ceremony about how personal & touching people thought the ceremony was. Annemarie did an excellent job of incorporating our personalities into our ceremony. Her service is well worth every penny of her fee. We feel very blessed that we found her and she was a part of our wedding ceremony. Cheers! Robyn & Kenny Ballard, WA Married March 6, 2010

Sent on 05/28/2010


Carrie  Married on 10/10/2009

Annemarie was absolutely wonderful! We received so many compliments on our ceremony. One couple even asked for her name because they want her for their daughter's wedding next year! I couldn't be happier with how our ceremony turned out.

Sent on 11/02/2009


Kelly  Married on 08/20/2009

She was the best! She made our ceremony so special!

Sent on 09/09/2009


Diane  Married on 07/25/2009

Annemarie was a perfect match for my fiance & I - she was the first and only officiant we interviewed and though she encouraged us to interview others before making a final decision, we didn't listen, and booked her without hesitation. A decision that we are so very happy with, the ceremony she delivered was exactly what we wanted and then some. It was the perfect blend of emotion and humor we hoped for. Many of our guests came up to us after and said what a beautiful memorable ceremony it was. Annemarie is a very kind, thoughtful, energetic person who's love for what she does shines through in every aspect of the ceremony. Our gratitude is boundless Annemarie - our many many thanks for a most beautiful ceremony! Mrs. Diane Lee, Seattle WA

Sent on 08/01/2009