Andrey  Married on 06/27/2009

Annemarie is wonderful to work with - she has a joyous energy that flows over to everyone around her, and sets a great tone for the ceremony! And when the big day came, I had totally forgotten everything we had rehearsed and she was just perfect in subtly directing us through the ceremony so that we could just enjoy being in the moment but still do everything as planned. Everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony which Annemarie had customized for us. In fact, one of our guests would like her to do a renewal of vows ceremony for a future anniversary! If you'd like to pull off the perfect day, having Annemarie as your officiant will be a great start.

Sent on 07/10/2009


Chris  Married on 06/20/2009

If we had a dollar for every guest of ours who said how awesome (their word) our officiant was, we could probably host another reception. That was one of the first things guests said to us after our ceremony.
Annemarie brought such a sense of calm during the ceremony that we were able to focus on hearing the beautiful words she prepared for us and really think about what our ceremony meant to us both. She was a true joy to work with, from our first meeting and the way through the entire process. Will always be grateful to her for all her hard work and the lovely ceremony she created for us. We could not imagine a better experience! We will gladly recommend Annemarie to anyone who is planning their wedding without hesitation.

Sent on 06/26/2009


John Married on 06/13/2009

Annemarie was absolutely fantastic, and made our wedding so incredibly special and memorable. We received countless compliments about her after the ceremony, many saying it was the happiest wedding they had ever attended. She really takes over and crafts a wedding ceremony that is unique and custom fit, and eliminates the stress and guesswork. Our wedding was perfect and there were no surprises, just a true representation of our love for each other and a joyful and reverant celebration. Thanks a ton Annemarie!!!

Sent on 07/16/2009


Linda  Married on 06/06/2009

Annemarie Juhlian was quite possibly the best decision I made for my wedding other than my groom. She wrote a ceremony for us that was so personalized that made nearly every family cry and laugh all in the same breath including the bride and groom. She was so well organized at the rehearsal and provided such excellent ideas that made each moment even more treasured. As they say "love is in the details" and Annemarie understands this concept. If you're looking for an officiant who will not stand up, be stuffy and bore your guests through the "I Do's" then this is your gal! Our guests actually enjoyed the ceremony as much as the reception. Thank you is not enough to Annemarie for creating a truly magical day for the two of us and our families!

Sent on 06/11/2009


Michael  Married on 06/06/2009

All you really need to do is read the other reviews that predate our wedding date. Our experience echos theirs. Annemarie was great to work with, did a terrific job crafting a personalized ceremony and delivered it with great energy and delight. One of my best friends remarked that the ceremony and our vows sounded just like we wrote the entire thing ourselves, it matched us so well. Annemarie is a true professional and her experience and enthusiam really come through from the beginning of the process to the end result. When she says not to worry about something, that it will all come together and be fine, or that she will make sure something is taken care of, you can believe her!

Sent on 07/23/2009


Emily  Married on 05/02/2009

AnneMarie was perfect! I have a very shy husband and was very worried about getting the sincere and meaningful ceremony I always dreamed of without having a groom who was dreading every second of it. Annemarie listened to us and our requests and come up with a the most incredible original ceremony for us. Everyone was touched and I have never been to a wedding before where so many people talked about the officiant. It seemed like she knew us. She was able to involve everyone in the moment and for that Chad and I are both ever so grateful. I have already received requests from guests for information to pass along to others on her services. I cannot thank her enough for making the day run so well and making the ceremony something no one will soon forget.
Thank you Emily and Chad Tester Married May 2nd 2009

Sent on 06/29/2009


Katy  Married on 04/11/2009

From the moment we met Annemarie we knew our search for an officiant was over!! We were very concerned that we wouldn't be able to find an officiant that we were comfortable with and flexible and creative enough to make a ceremony unique to us...boy were we wrong!!!! She created a ceremony that you would swear was created by a life-long friend who had known us through our whole relationship. Annemarie went above and beyond to create a unique, one-of-a-kind ceremony that truly reflected who we are as a couple. Through our "homework" and email, Annemarie was able to craft what my husband and I would truly call the perfect ceremony. She took the elements of what was most important to us (even our puppies and love letters!!!) and included them in thoughful and amazing ways. Her suggestions were always just that and she left the final decisions up to us. On the day of the wedding she came in and was able to meet with all of our family members and ensure that everyone knew their jobs and places and felt at ease- including myself (bride!!). I cannot imagine our wedding day without her.
After reading all the reviews of Annemarie and having her perform our ceremony, I can truly say that all of the positive, amazing reviews of her are truly accurate. Annemarie was slightly more than we had intended for our budget but my husband and I both agree that after having her perform the wedding- we would have paid almost any price for her!! SHE IS WORTH EVERY CENT AND MORE!!!! You will not regret hiring Annemarie! She is amazing!!! Katy & Matt Savolskis Married 4/11/09

Sent on 07/21/2009


Jordan  Married on 02/28/2009

Annemarie gets 5 stars from me. She is the consummate professional. From start to finish, she made my fiance and I feel so special, not like another wedding date on her calendar. She customized our ceremony to fit us and gave us the final say in what would be said, and conducted an organized rehearsal and ceremony so I could focus on the task at hand, becoming a wife! Throughout the entire process, I knew I was in good hands and didn't have to worry about a thing. The ceremony was so intimate, even with our 160+ guests, because she really got to the heart of us as a couple. She ran the show like the pro she is and I've heard nothing but wonderful comments from our attendees. Many of our guests have said she's the best officiant they've ever seen. She really knows her stuff. You MUST use Annemarie for your wedding - there's no one like her!

Sent on 06/23/2009


Candace  Married on 11/22/2008

Thank you, Annemarie! We loved working with you and so appreciate the beautiful ceremony you created for us. Our wedding day was amazing and you were a big part in bringing it all together. Candace & Joel

Sent on 12/02/2008


Katie  Married on 08/23/2008

Finding an Officiant wasn't easy. Our church would not marry us and to tell you the truth - we were a bit "freaked" to find somebody we didn't know. We met with three Officiants and then found Annemarie. And then I (Katie) could relax. Our ceremony last weekend was beautiful. Annemarie lead our rehearsal and was with us over an hour beforehand making sure things were in place. I was really nervous and just having her was perfect. And our ceremony? Beautiful. Bryan and I are so happy with Annemarie and offer this glowing recommendation! We're off on our honeymoon this holiday weekend for two weeks - and yes, we'll "do the dance" on the beach!! Katie and Bryan, August 23, '08

Sent on 08/29/2008


Dana  Married on 07/04/2008

Wow. My husband and I had 3 appointments the first day we met her. She was our first and we cancelled the next 2 meetings. There was no one else that would have or could have been better then her. She is so lively, energetic and fun. However she also asks that she be "wedding coordinator" for the the hour before the wedding. This is a refreshing selling point. I heard she was telling people to get this we need that etc on the day of.
Her heart is truly in what she does. We love her....

Sent on 08/22/2008


Katya  Married on 07/15/2017

Annemarie was an officiant at our July wedding in Seattle, and we couldn't have wished for a different person to marry us.
Annemarie was very well organized and easy to work with from day one. Though we met only once before the rehearsal, she worked with us extensively, and wrote a custom ceremony which incorporated our personal history and family traditions. Our families do not speak English, so we translated the text of the ceremony and printed it as booklets for our families to keep. At the rehearsal and on the day of the wedding Annemarie made sure that everything ran smoothly, and we could simply enjoy saying our vows to each other and celebrate our day! Some of the guests teared up a little during the ceremony, and told us later that the ceremony was beautiful, warm and very intimate. After the wedding day, Annemarie mailed all the paperwork to the county vary fast, so we had the marriage certificate registration with the county within a week after the ceremony. Thank you, Annemarie!

Sent on 10/01/2017


Pamela  Married on 08/22/2015

I live in Vancouver, Canada (but was looking to get married in Seattle where my fiance lives) yet I managed to find Annemarie through a Google search. Her profile was the first one that caught my eye and I went with my gut to contact her and never looked back. Her professionalism, organization and ability to personalize our story and vows surpassed our expectations! She's got a great spunky personality and really made our ceremony special and memorable. All our guests were very impressed with her as well. I highly recommend Annemarie's services!!! 🙂

Sent on 09/12/2015


Lily  Married on 08/02/2014

Annemarie was the officiant for our August 2nd, 2014, wedding, and she was FANTASTIC! All our guests raved about her.
A couple of things that especially pleased us: -The amount of input Annemarie had us put in to writing our ceremony was perfect. Not too much (she drafted something great and personal based on information we gave her, it wasn't like we had to write the ceremony ourselves), and not too little (we had plenty of input and choices). -The day of, Annemarie was able to read the crowd and the situation and change things accordingly. It was blazingly hot that day, and she made the decision (after checking with us!) to cut parts of the ceremony. This was such a life-saver, and showed her experience!

Sent on 08/30/2014


Devin   Married on 10/05/2013

Annemarie is heaven sent. She knew exactly how to incorporate everything that was important to us and she did it in a way that was really representative of our personalities and style (also in a very short timeframe). Honestly, we couldn't have imagined planning and executing the ceremony without her. We knew what things we wanted to have in the wedding ceremony, but couldn't figure out how to weave it together. Annemarie came up with something unique and perfectly fit for us. We got many complements from family and friends on how wonderful it was. We are extremely grateful that Annemarie she took such a beautiful part in our big day.
Neda & Devin

Sent on 12/20/2013


Kami  Married on 09/27/2013

I absolutely LOVED Annemarie, she was so fabulous and the biggest asset to our day! I love how she took the time to write a very personal ceremony and made sure everything ran smoothly the day of the wedding. I would most definitely recommend her to anyone in need of this service....the BEST!

Sent on 10/10/2013


Dawn  Married on 08/28/2010

I cannot say enough about how much we loved Annemarie. She was a blast to work with, and I felt like she really "got" my husband and I and, as such, delivered a ceremony that fit our personalities perfectly. She's also a master organizer, and will take care of all of the logistical details of the ceremony and rehearsal for you - you just need to show up. You will have to fill out some pretty lengthy paperwork for her, but it's not horrible and the results are most definitely worth it. Again, she was very flexible and let us add/remove elements of the ceremony to really make it "ours". She also offers pre-marriage coaching, which my husband and I took advantage of. She's not a license counselor or therapist, but she'll work with you to make sure that you've had all of the conversations with each other you need to have before combining your lives and will refer you to a therapist if it's necessary. We took advantage of it just to make sure we'd covered everything, and the added bonus was that she got to know us a bit better before our ceremony.

Sent on 09/29/2010


Christina  Married on 04/18/2009

It is not possible for me to say enough wonderful things about Annemarie. She simply made my wedding day unforgettable. It was so much more than just a wedding ceremony. We laughed, we cried. We had humor and depth. It was so truthful and loving and so perfectly our story. Even being the perfectionist that I am, I could not have written a better ceremony. And from the minute we first spoke to well after the wedding she was always pleasant, kind, and completely diligent. She put me at ease and melted my worries.
I have been to weddings that were boring and tired. Mine was definitely not one of them. This will be one of the most important moments in your life, so you might as well not fall asleep for it 🙂 She will truly amaze you. Thank you, Annemarie!

Sent on 07/06/2009


Solange M.  Married on 03/19/2022

We are so grateful to have had Annemarie take us on the journey towards “We do”. So many people remarked that they found the ceremony portion of our wedding so incredibly meaningful. That is mainly owing to Annemarie, and her skills in guiding the proceedings with both gravitas and grace. Bringing a blended family together. It should also be noted that Annemarie pushed us to truly think about what we both cherish & love about each other, and put that into our vows. Our day wouldn’t have been the same without her!

Sent on 08/17/2023


Solange, your sharing and words warm my heart. Thank you for inviting me into your personal space, for giving me the opportunity to share the two of you with your closest family and friends. I hold the two of you in my heart, and still remember driving away from that beautiful home, with the happiest feeling in my heart! xoxo


Ava  Married on 08/05/2018

Annemarie is an incredible officiant and we are so happy to have chosen her for our big day! We got to go over our ideas and vision for our wedding in person and had a great deal of back and forth to refine the ceremony and get advice. Annemarie was nothing but professional and with all the craziness that is involved around wedding planning, it was nice to have someone on our team that we could fully trust and didn't have to worry about. She also was extra helpful when it came to calming our parents...anyone else have a mom that was freaking out (haha) Annemarie made all the moms take it down a notch, appreciate the moment and enjoy the big day instead of stressing out, which is HUGE! All in all, if we were to do it again, we would 100% choose to work with Annemarie.

Sent on 08/17/2023


Kandie  Married on 05/20/2017

Anne was great. Her personality was fun and she was the perfect fit for us. She had a great smile and my family loved her. She's definitely no boring officiant.
The timeline she had for our wedding was perfect and it's like she knew us for years. I'd highly recommend her. Meeting her was the best thing because she made our wedding so special. Thank you for being apart of our big day.

Sent on 06/30/2017


Emily  Married on 03/05/2017

What a lovely lady! She met with us ahead of time and was very thorough in finding out what WE wanted in our ceremony. She was in contact with us months ahead of time and we had everything ironed out before the day arrived. She made our ceremony very personal and beautiful. Do not hesitate to book her. You'll get everything you pay for and more!!!

Sent on 09/03/2012


User920667  2+ years ago

Annemarie was the first vendor we hired as we embarked on our wedding planning adventure, and we are SO GLAD we found her! Her calm and professional demeanor, humor, smile, knowledge, and obvious commitment to her craft were present through every moment of the process. And our ceremony? EVERY guest we spoke to remarked how special, unique, warm, elegant, and fun it was. Our day would not have been as special without Annemarie in it. You can't find a better officiant!

Sent on 05/08/2010


Dawn  Married on 02/06/2010

Annemarie was fantastic! Our ceremony was so personal and wonderful. We received positive comments from tons of our guest about the ceremony. Annemarie took the time to get to know us and know what our relationship was about. I would highly recommend her!

Sent on 05/11/2010


Tara  Married on 07/10/2010

My husband and I connected with Annemarie immediately when we first met her. We decided to do pre-marriage coaching with Annemarie (which I also highly recommend for numerous reasons), and over the course of three 1-hour sessions, we became more comfortable with her and got to know her better.
Annemarie is a dream to work with - she is professional, capable, warm, generous, and empathetic. She has a wealth of experience and does not hesitate to share or offer her advice. She was kind enough to go over our "day-of" schedule to make sure we were on track. On our wedding day, she went above and beyond typical officiant duties and helped facilitate our guest seating, organization and overall set-up of our ceremony. Our wedding ceremony went off beautifully and John and I felt so comfortable up there with our "big sister" Annemarie. It is truly a pleasure working with Annemarie. If we're still in the Seattle area longterm, we hope to renew our vows with Annemarie some time in the future!

Sent on 09/30/2010


Erica  Married on 09/16/2005

I thought is was very nice that Annemarie asks her clients to answer questions and tell their story about their relationship. This made it feel like we weren't just being married by anyon. From our story she wrote very personal vows for us, which are now framed in our home.
A trial run makes a bride feel more comfortable before the big day, so I think that in the price a rehearsal should be included. Annemarie did a great job at coordinating the bridal party and starting the ceremony on time. She spoke beautifully and from the heart. All of our guests continue to talk about our beautiful ceremony. l

Sent on 08/28/2008


Chris  Married on 04/03/2010

Annemarie was absolutely wonderful! We received so many compliments on our ceremony. One couple even asked for her name because they want her for their daughter's wedding next year! I couldn't be happier with how our ceremony turned out.

Sent on 11/02/2009


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