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Annemarie Juhlian, Seattle Wedding Officiant & Minister

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Annemarie Juhlian, Seattle Wedding Officiant & Minister, is a Wedding Officiant based in Seattle, Washington.

She does not sacrifice anything! She doesn't jump out of airplanes. She isn't wearing scuba gear and will not do a ceremony naked. Other than this, Annemarie is open! Your formal or casual wedding ceremony - inclusive, unstuffy, creative, fun-loving and timeless, with custom and personal touches.

Annemarie Juhlian: A Wedding Officiant and Contemporary Non-Demoninational Minister, serving Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound: Seattle to Tacoma/Olympia and Bellevue/Kirkland/Woodinville to Snohomish County, and beyond.

Selecting Your Wedding Officiant...

Annemarie's goal, in working together, is to make your wedding ceremony a fun and easy experience, no crazy or hassle. Just the profound joy of knowing everyone likes each other, and the marvelous opportunity to create and work together on a lifetime moment.

About Annemarie and Working Together...

Annemarie Juhlian is a Non-Denominational Wedding Officiant & Minister based in Seattle/Tacoma, Washington.

It is her privilege and joy to work with you, a loving and engaged couple, to create and deliver a personalized, romantic and memorable wedding ceremony (formal or casual) - one that celebrates your unique story and creates an authentic and cherished memory.

Annemarie is best suited for a highly committed and motivated couple, who values personality, originality and meaning around their wedding ceremony. She respects and honors all beliefs and traditions - religious, spiritual or secular.

For Annemarie, it is not about the size of a guest list - rather, it is about creating an memorable lifetime experience for two wonderful people and their family/friends. Simply, this lady isn't into anything that is a boring and stuffy or an "OMG, we've heard this before, a thousand times" kind of ceremony.

Services Offered:

- Non-religious, religious, inter-faith wedding ceremonies - personal, romantic and fun-loving, for couples of all paths, traditions and beliefs. Formal or casual. Big or small.

- Elopements.

- Vow Renewals.

- Pre-Marriage coaching and workshops.

Fee: Annemarie will offer a fee quote for services, once she fully understands what you want/desire for ceremony, plus any travel considerations.

More on Annemarie...

Annemarie loves the work she does. It is challenging in all ways, and she feels immense gratitude to share in a most intimate and vulnerable lifetime experience.

At the end of the day, Annemarie drives home to her wonderful husband, Greg, and their sanctuary of older and/or special needs dogs, called the The Wigglebutt Farm (volunteer dog rescue/rehab work is their heart work).

Annemarie welcomes your call or text to set up a time for coffee/tea and conversation and/or to inquire about her availability.

Marriage Equality honored.

Let's do this!

Annemarie Juhlian, Seattle Wedding Officiant & Contemporary Minister

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Stephanie P.  Married on 07/28/2023

Beyond the aisle there are the vows…

We are so grateful to have had Annemarie take us on the journey towards “We do”. So many people remarked that they found the ceremony portion of our wedding so incredibly meaningful. That is mainly owing to Annemarie, and her skills in guiding the proceedings with both gravitas and grace. Bringing a blended family together. It should also be noted that Annemarie pushed us to truly think about what we both cherish & love about each other, and put that into our vows. Our day wouldn’t have been the same without her!

Sent on 08/17/2023


Steph, I am deeply touched by your kind and generous sharing. Thank you for choosing me to be with you on your wedding day, and for trusting me with your wedding day. I am sending back the biggest hug to the two of you! xoxo Annemarie


Cody B.  Married on 08/26/2023

Overflowing with love and joy!

She was the perfect person to lead our ceremony of love and joy. The love my wife and I share comes from the depths of our core. We wear our heart on our sleeves and express our deepest love for one another openly. Annemarie made our day feel as special to her as it was us, and that because it was. A service was paid for, but overflowing love was received. If you want someone who can express the gratitude, the love, the appreciation you have for your partner and for those loved ones supporting your union, THIS IS WHO YOU HIRE! Bottom line and I dare anyone to stand on a podium across from me and debate different (👊🏻* fist bumps Annemarie “you the bomb.com!). You gain a guide of love, someone worthy to bring together your union, and most of all… a friend. I thank God for brining her into our lives and know she is a blessing to all who work with her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Annemarie. All the love in the world, God bless you. Cody Brown The happiest man alive Who married the most wonderful woman alive,

Sent on 09/15/2023


Cody, your joy and passion for yourself, your beautiful wife and the married life you are embarking on is inspiring, captivating and sweet. My thanks to you and Kennedy for having me as your Officiant! I will forever remember the two of you and your marriage celebration day at your venue in Poulsbo. Most of all, I cherish your graciousness, passion, intensity for each other, and the care and pride of those gathered around you - who were so elated for the happiness you have found together. How grateful I am to have been a part of your precious day. Love and care for each other like crazy! xoxo Annemarie


Chris R. Married on 08/19/2023

Best down to earth, funny wedding officiant!

Oh my goodness!
My wife and I were so grateful to have had Annemarie do our Wedding Ceremony this August! She did my mom's memorial service a year ago, and she did such a a beautiful job talking about my mom. While looking online with my wife for the perfect non-denominational officiant, her name was on the top of the list! And i didn't have to say a word to my wife. We knew it was a no brainer to hire her! So Thank You Anne, Thank You Sooooo Much! You made things really easy on the big day! For any couple looking for the perfect wedding officiant, Annemarie is it, you're in for a lot of fun!




Sent on 09/15/2023


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Cameron E. Married on 07/08/2023

Annemarie - above and beyond

Annemarie did a fantastic job crafting a wonderful wedding ceremony. She was very thorough and detailed, provided a lot of great advice and expertise, and relieved a lot of stress for us as the bride and groom with her great organization and communication. She is lovely to work with and we highly recommend her as wedding officiant!

Sent on 10/04/2023


Kathy  Married on 07/07/2023

Fun Modern Officiant with Good Humor

Annemarie was THE perfect officiant. We couldn't have asked for a better person to collaborate with. We wanted a modern take on the wedding, and she definitely delivered. 🙂 The ceremony is an intimate, special, and scared part of the wedding shared with our closest friends and family, and she spent the time to get to know us and brought the ceremony speech to life. My husband and I are are deeply touched by her words on our wedding day. Our guests have shared it was the best wedding ceremony they've ever attended, and this greatly had to do with working Anne Marie's magic! We are forever grateful for the love, support, humor, and the positive energy from our amazing officiant.




Sent on 10/04/2023


Emma K. Married on 07/01/2023

Kings Wedding

She was absolutely amazing, she married my parents years ago, and just married my husband and and I. She made it so personal and spoke so beautifully. HIGHLY recommend her





Sent on 07/17/2023


Emmalee, thank you for your kind and gracious words. It was a beautiful day for a road trip to Granite Falls...thank you for having me, and for giving me the opportunity to be with your family again. Wishing you much happiness on your marriage adventure! xoxo Annemarie


Mark H.  Married on 06/10/2023

Wonderful Experience

We are very happy with finding the right person as officiant to our personalized ceremony, the ease of preparation leading up to the occasion, and the full support in each nervous moment of the day. Thank you for making it special and so memorable.

Sent on 07/26/2023


Landon C. Married on 04/06/2023

The Perfect Elopement!

Our elopement to Seattle wouldn't have been possible without the Annemarie's expertise. From our initial Zoom interview to wedding day, Annemarie provided invaluable insight and made our special day one to remember. She was especially responsive to emails and even helped us navigate finding the (perfect) photographer and venue. We'd recommend her without hesitation!

Sent on 07/26/2023


Georgette N. Married on 11/04/2022

Absolutely Perfect!

I've never been married before, therefore I don't know the process that other officiants use. This being said, Anne Marie's process is perfect. She gives you homework. Two, in-depth questionnaires. One to fill out alone and one to fill out as a couple. Simply going through the process of answering the questions brings you and your significant other, closer. It's almost like therapy! Anne Marie then takes your answers, your stories, and creates a beautiful, moving, heartfelt ceremony, with a touch of humor. My fiance and I had been together for 20 years, and we literally fell completely in love all over again as Anne Marie spoke. It was so intimate, beautiful and heartfelt. It could not have been more perfect. She is also a source of advice, guidance and care. I knew from the moment I heard her voice on the phone that we were in good hands. She literally takes a lead in your dance and guides you through it all. She is nurturing, full of spark, and has a passion for her art that comes clearly shining through in her delivery. Whether you are planning a huge wedding or an elopement, as we did, I highly recommend Anne Marie.

Sent on 01/23/2023


Mabel J. Married on 10/29/2022

Amazing officiant!

Annemarie was everything we hoped for on our wedding day! She crafted a meaningful, personal, perfect ceremony. She spoke to our friends and family and took our personal stories and values to make everything feel unique and meaningful. She also did an amazing job incorporating my father (who recently passed) into the ceremony in a way that was heartfelt but not too overwhelming. She was extremely professional and made us feel so comfortable throughout. I would absolutely recommend her!

Sent on 11/04/2022


Natalie B.  Married on 10/15/2022

Everything we hoped it would be!

Annemarie exceeded our expectations! She was super flexible and was always quick to answer our many questions. She also provided amazing recommendations with location and photographer. She ensured that our elopement was stress free and lighthearted. We also love that she made everyone (the 3 witnesses and our pup) feel very included in the ceremony. Annemarie also took the time to read and hear about how we are as a couple and as individuals, which was completely captured in the vows. We are thrilled to have had Annemarie as our Officiant!

Sent on 10/17/2022


Paul R.  Married on 07/20/2022

Expectations more than met!

Professional wedding photographer here. The first thing you should know is that as a wedding professional for over a decade, I have VERY high standards when it comes to working with others in this industry. If you want the short version of my review, here you go: You can stop searching for your wedding officiant now, you just found her.
While most of you are here looking for your wedding officiant, I recently hired Annemarie to be the officiant for my mother's memorial service. Two different types of ceremony, but the skill set required is the same and I'm certain my experience with Annemarie is relevant to you. My siblings and I recently lost our mother to Alzheimer's disease. We had a very short amount of time to pull everything together and were frankly daunted by the task at hand. Thank goodness we stumbled on Annemarie! I was initially drawn to Annemarie by the warm feeling I got from the photos of her on her website. I can confirm that the same warmth carries over in person. Annemarie was absolutely wonderful to work with. She gave us just the right amount of guidance to get the info she needed to put together the memorial service for our mother. I worried that I wouldn't be able to convey my feelings and memories in a way that would allow Annemarie to deliver a service that would properly honor the memory of our mother. But oh man, did she deliver! The service was absolutely incredible and was just the closure we needed to move on. Everyone I spoke with after the service made a comment on how it had been one of the nicest services they have ever attended. As a professional wedding photographer in my home state of Vermont. I work with wedding officiants every weekend and I just have to say that Annemarie is top-tier. We can't thank you enough Annemarie, you're the best!

Sent on 10/17/2022


Aubree B. Married on 03/11/2022

Annemarie is absolutely amazing!!

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing Annemarie was for our wedding! Not only did she make our ceremony so perfect that all of our guests were asking where we found her but she was also there for my husband and I through the entire process of pre-wedding. My mom passed away 3 weeks for the wedding so I had a lot going on before the wedding day and the support we received from Annemarie was so amazing. She was able to customize our ceremony to add in an honoring of my mom and provided emotional support throughout one of the hardest times of my life leading up to the best day of my life! Additionally, Annemarie helped both my husband and I with our anxiety of having all of the attention on us during the ceremony! We were both SO nervous to have all eyes on us but Annemarie talked us through everything and made the ceremony perfect in every way. I honestly couldn’t recommend Annemarie enough. Thank you Annemarie for everything!




Sent on 04/04/2022


Sarah C. Married on 02/05/2022

Truly an amazing person!

Annemarie was such a breath of fresh air and truly wonderful to work with. She helped us create a ceremony that was heartfelt, humorous, personable, and just uniquely "us". We got many compliments from our guests about how unique and enjoyable the ceremony was, and how much they enjoyed the energy that Annemarie brought to it. She was very flexible and available to us throughout the entire process, and we instantly felt so much trust in her from our very first phone call. There was so much that we didn't know about the ceremony (how to go about exchanging rings, writing vows, obtaining our marriage license, etc.) And she was incredibly helpful in guiding us throughout it all, and provided us with a number of unique ideas to incorporate into the wedding ceremony. Go with Annemarie -- you'll absolutely be glad that you did!

Sent on 02/26/2022


Elana A. Married on 11/14/2021

You really can't go wrong with Annemarie!

We are so happy we went with Annemarie for our special day! She was communicative, flexible, empathetic, and very eager to make sure we were comfortable and pleased throughout the whole process. She was also able to beautifully accomodate a very last minute request I had. She took the time and care to make sure our ceremony was personalized and special to us as a couple. Her warmth and positive energy really helped make our ceremony exactly what we were looking for! Thank you so much Annemarie!

Sent on 12/03/2021


Meme E. Married on 10/2/2021

Personalized & cozy ceremony

I can't tell you how many compliments we received from our guests regarding Annemarie! So many of them told us how this was the first wedding they've actually cried at and how tailored the ceremony was to us as a couple. She was charming and funny—she navigated between the light moments and the serious ones with ease. Before the ceremony itself, she was a prompt and clear communicator, flexible to work with, and guided us throughout the process. So grateful to have had Annemarie as our officiant!

Sent on 10/10/2021


Christian D.  Married on 06/23/2021

Energetic, up-beat, professional, on-time, easy to work with!

Annemarie was quite phenomenal to work with. She took her time and put in a lot of work to make sure she gets to know you, your values, and what you're truly looking for. In our case, we wanted a minimalist elopement with close to no frills and her process allowed us to communicate that.
Annemarie was easy to reach, on time, realistic, and full of energy. You can tell she really loves what she does. Hiring her for your wedding would be a wonderful decision. She made our day everything we were hoping for!

Sent on 07/19/2021


Kaitlyn B.  Married on 06/19/2021

Amazing officiant!

We booked Annemarie to officiate our wedding and we could not have been happier with our experience working with her. Her communication was excellent throughout the planning process and she took the time to really get to know us as a couple. Annemarie is sweet, thoughtful and completely in tune with what her couples are looking for in their wedding ceremony. We wanted our ceremony to be unique and completely centered on us, our experiences and our relationship - this is exactly what Annemarie put together for us.
She is so engaging and so much fun! We had several guests come up to us and comment on what a special ceremony it was. Annemarie was SUCH a great addition!

Sent on 07/10/2021


Dianna G.  Married on 06/11/2021

Annemarie is the best!

Having Annemarie officiate our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. She is amazing at what she does. She guided us through the whole process with such ease. She really did the work to get to know us and make our ceremony so unique and personal. It was so much better than I could have ever imagined. Working with Annemarie was such a incredible experience. She made it fun and created a ceremony that all our guests could connect with. It ended up raining during our ceremony and she handled everything so well and made us feel relaxed about it all. She did a fabulous job. I highly recommend working with Annemarie, she’s such a wonderful person.





Sent on 08/12/2021


Heidi K.  Married on 05/22/2021

Wonderful officiant!

Can’t say enough great things about Annemarie, she is so professional yet personable. We got many compliments from our guests about how great our officiant was. She really made the ceremony meaningful for us and we are so happy she was a part of our big day! Seriously don’t look any further! She is the best!

Sent on 06/07/2021


Mitzy A.  Married on 04/24/2021

Best officiant ever!

First off, I think we all agree that this past year was a rough year for all, but believe me when I say that our wedding planning was bombarded left and right by all manners of unforeseen events. There were so many changes, so many hurdles, but each time. Annemarie was right there, in our corner to support us and see us right.
I can not even recall the number of times I shared with my (now) husband how thankful I was for her all-around awesomeness. Annemarie was prompt with every response, very communicative, kind and heartfelt in every interaction. She truly was very protective of us and did her very best in helping to pull off what was a very beautiful ceremony at the Salish Lodge. If you are looking for an officiant who will have your back and feel like part of the family, who really puts in the effort and cares, then I feel 100% confident recommending this wonderful lady for all of your officiant needs! Thank you Annemarie for all of your work and care!

Sent on 06/17/2021



Thank you for such a beautiful share! It makes my heart very happy to know you and your wonderful husband have such beautiful memories of your wedding day, and that I could be a tiny part of your happiness at The Salish Lodge.

The two of you were a joy to work with, every gracious and easy, especially through all of the ups and downs of re-planning and the crazy Covid-19.

I wish you much love and joy on your marriage adventure!



Marta B.  Married on 03/13/2021

Annemarie was Wonderful!

We booked at the last minute, and she was very responsive the whole time. She was on time, very respectful, and a happy person to have in such special day.
We loved the vows she wrote, making us feel unexpectedly more emotional, her words defining the things are are known but untold. We loved her!

Sent on 04/19/2021


My heart is happy knowing you and Luis have such beautiful memories of your wedding ceremony and wedding day. Thank you for your incredibly kind and unexpected words. What you share reminds me of why I do this work that I so.
With gratitude,


Teresa R.  Married on 10/30/2020

Annemarie is AMAZING!

We loved the vows she wrote! She did an amazing job even booked us at the last minute! We cannot recommend her enough!!

Sent on 11/17/2020


Joann P.  Married on 10/10/2020

Lovely ceremony, lovely person!

Annemarie is not only just a lovely person and made a beautiful ceremony for us, but she went above and beyond! We had a small Covid "micro" wedding, so we did not have a "coordinator." Annemarie took into hand many small tasks that a coordinator would have done. She eased our minds and her ceremony was beautiful! We love Annemarie!

Sent on 7/21/2020


Jessa C.  Married on 08/29/2020

Beautiful Covid Wedding

Annemarie is not only just a lovely person and made a beautiful ceremony for us, but she went above and beyond! We had a small Covid "micro" wedding, so we did not have a "coordinator." Annemarie took into hand many small tasks that a coordinator would have done. She eased our minds and her ceremony was beautiful! We love Annemarie!





Sent on 7/21/2020


Shilpa N.  Married on 08/08/2020

Annemarie is amazing!

My wife and I had the pleasure of having Annemarie as our officiant and my goodness, what a treat! From the moment I called Annemarie to inquire about her services, she greeted me with warmth and excitement and confidence that we would have such a beautiful ceremony. She made so many personal touches and created an incredible ceremony for us. I found a lifelong friend in Annemarie. She is amazing! Amazing is an understatement. She is incredibly organized, efficient, comforting, and so fun to be around!

Sent on 10/15/2020


Ethan G.  Married on 08/01/2020

Annemarie is amazing!

Annemarie is an impeccable officiant. She put in tons of work pre-wedding, working with us and guiding us to the perfect ceremony for us with well thought out questions about us, our relationship, and our family. We wre planning out wedding in a VERY truncated timetable and it felt like there were three of us planning it with Annemarie's help. On-site leading up to the wedding she provided valuable insights for our live stream (we were getting married with a remote audience due to Covid-19) and video recording with respect to angle, background, how close the three of us would be to the camera, etc. She took a ton of stress out of our day by managing the wedding's flow in the final minutes before the ceremony. She is extraordinarily professional and has her craft DOWN! During the ceremony Annemarie was conscientious, aware, and took all the right cues. To make it easy for everyone on the livestream to hear and to allow us to be maskless while respecting social distancing requirements she positioned herself away from us, but right next to the video cameras, so that the audio came through clearly, ensuring our audience was able to take in every word. The day went off without any problems, largely thanks to Annemarie's preparedness, professionalism, and poise. All of the guests we spoke with afterwards spoke effusively about Annemarie too. We couldn't have gotten luckier to have her as our officiant.

Sent on 10/11/2020


Amber G.  Married on 07/31/2020

Wow, the best!

Annemarie was the best, she went above and beyond our expectations! She was very professional and responsive. Everything went so well. Highly recommend her!





Sent on 10/05/2020


Kaelee B.  Married on 04/08/2020

Annemarie: The best at curating a personalized and one of a kind ceremony

Your search should truly stop here, with Annemarie. There are no amount of words I could use to express how grateful I am that my husband and I found her and booked her for our wedding. Her reviews are what drew us in and I can tell you having been on your side looking for someone to officiate your wedding , she is every great thing people wrote about and so much more. She is spunky, directive, thorough, creative, thoughtful, compassionate, personable and a true gem. If you want a ceremony that is truly personal... she is your gal. I grew up with parents that were more spiritual and my husband grew up catholic and Annemarie gave us the best ceremony ever to reflect both of our upbringings and what was important to us. I cannot even begin to tell you how many people came up to both my husband and I the day of our wedding and after our wedding saying that was absolutely the best wedding ceremony they have been at. I cannot recommend Annemarie enough, she played such a pivotal role in our day and we are so grateful.





Sent on 10/05/2020


Christine R.  Married on 04/03/2020

Surprise! It's a wedding!

My husband and I were planning an engagement party that was actually a surprise wedding, and our good friend who was going to act as our officiant was diagnosed with cancer and not well enough to make it. I was given Annemarie's name by our photographer a week before the wedding - A WEEK! Talk about stressful! Annemarie was able to get to the heart of who we are as a couple and write a beautiful ceremony that was special and specific to us in that short period of time. She was also an amazing sport, pretending to be my friend from culinary school and fooling our friends and family left and right, all the way up to the fake toast she called that was actually the beginning of the ceremony. I cannot say enough about how amazing Annemarie is, and we both feel so fortunate to have had her as a part of our crazy, happy day.





Sent on 05/01/2019