Weird. Weird. Weird. And LOVE Wins! A Story of Seattle Weddings, In The Time Of Covid-19, With Seattle Wedding Officiant Annemarie Juhlian

A Story of Seattle Weddings, In The Time Of Covid-19

Mask up, Washington!

Mask up, Weddings!

There is no wedding playbook for this time, 2020.

I spent the Spring of 2020, cancelling and/or postponing weddings, and navigating the ups and downs of emotions, finances and crazy.

Some couples postponed to late Summer and early Fall, as we all didn’t fully understand in the beginning what was going on.   Then couples had to push things back, again.

Since early June, depending on the County and phase, I’ve been enjoying intimate weddings – the tiny ones.  2 guests. Maybe 10 guests.  And now, as of September up to 30 guests, max.

Karen and Christopher were married at The Salish Lodge, with 2 of their Besties.

Casey and Sadie were married at Lake Quinault Lodge, on a windy and rainy September day, and it was beautiful.  We were joined by a couple also staying at the Lodge, who served as witnesses, who were getting married the next day.

Joe and Kelly were supposed to be married in a big affair in West Seattle.  Instead, they were joined by their parents and siblings at a beach house in Kingston, and married with rain drops.

Zora and Edward invited 10 of their closest friends (family could not travel in), and found a large rental house on Lake Sammamish for their festivities.

Jessica and Hesham chose a weekday wedding, with Jessica’s sister and 3 children, at a hidden cove on the water in Newcastle.

There is more, much more.

For this post, this is a sampling of the love, courage, perseverance, flexibility and heart that it takes during this crazy time to find a best way for a couple to get married.