Windpalooza 2015: A Crazy and Memorable Wedding Weekend…

The 29th has always been my favorite number. 

And August 29th and August 30th didn’t disappoint as two days in the “wedding record books.”  We all awoke to a severe wind warning for Saturday.  By 11 a.m., the winds were strong, bringing down trees and whipping around tents set up for wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Jeremy and Angela were beautifully married under a tent at a private residence in Everett on this Saturday afternoon.  I arrived extra early and found the tent vibrating under the intense weight of the wind.  I also found out that the DJ was going to be late as a tree smashed his vehicle.

So, without music for ceremony, we applauded the wedding party as they walked in and together, we “hummed” a song for Angela as she walked down the aisle.

On Sunday afternoon, I arrived in Port Gamble to find the entire town without power.  And with vibrant sunshine and “some wind,” Ben and Jenny exchanged vows in a sweet ceremony on a waterside bluff at the Port Gamble Pavilion, surrounded by 100+ happy family and friends. (featured photo)  BenJennyBerke

This I know for sure.

A wedding often gives you the opportunity to live your values.

At the end of the day, these two sweet couples were married…hitched!

All of the “stuff” around the craziness of the day is part of their story..couples like this and days like this you never forget!