Your Wedding Ceremony in 2019: Keeping it Fun, Keeping is Real.

We are sitting at the beginning of a new year.  Welcome to 2019!

If you are reading this, and are getting married in 2019, I offer you these words of ‘wisdom’ from the front lines of all things ‘wedding ceremony.’

KEEP IT FUN.  Whether your wedding has a guest list of 4 or a guest list of 200, I find the most relaxed and happy couples are the ones who keep ‘fun’ in the equation.

Fun could be a picnic lunch after a morning rehearsal, which is relaxed and easy and doesn’t include the extra effort or expense of a more ‘formal rehearsal dinner.’ 

Fun could be getting married on the Seattle Big Wheel, having your dog(s) go down the aisle with the rings, having a special vocalist with a surprise song or even having your ‘ceremony guests’ participate in a way that is lively and memorable. ‘Do’ what brings you joy and creates the ‘feeling’ you desire around your big day.

KEEP IT REAL.  Don’t buy into the wedding industry’s version of what a wedding ‘should’ and/or ‘must be.’  A lot of the hype when it comes to advertisements and outreach is meant (in my humble opinion), to create anxiety and/or doubt, to get a couple to question decisions and/or spend more (not less).  There are so many incredibly talented wedding professionals who lead with heart and integrity.  You are a smart cookie.  Seek them out and avoid the crazy.

REMEMBER.  Please remember this is a wedding.  ONE DAY, one very important day, to celebrate the marriage.  During your engagement, I invite you to give as much attention to preparing for your marriage as your wedding.  Ask questions.  Take time.  Go deeper.  Do what you need to do to walk into your wedding day with a grand sense of calm and peace, and the deep knowing that you are making the highest choice in your life to marry.